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Start Here Health

The Founder

Ashleigh Pollard | Certified Health Coach + Fitness Trainer

More than a decade ago, a severe back injury left me unable to walk. That experience ignited a passion for faith, family, fitness, and nutrition as the pillars of true well-being. Witnessing my own healing journey and others’ health journey fueled my mission to empower individuals, families, and communities to “Start Here” and thrive.

Since I have created Start Here Health, I have had the opportunity to work with adults and children, both in-person and online, tailoring programs for:

  • Families: To help build a healthy foundation for loved ones
  • Businesses & Organizations: Fostering employee and program participants well-being and productivity
  • Schools & Churches: Empowering individuals and communities to flourish by introducing and helping to strive towards and achieve Generational Health

Allow me to assist you in defining your path towards vibrancy and vitality!

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Olivia Headshot
Olivia T. Payne Coaching


Olivia T. Payne | Professional Coach and Certified Master Health Coach

Olivia is inspired and ready to work with individuals and families who are ready to make lifestyle changes that will lead to the advancement of their health and wellbeing. Having made important strides in her own health and reaching many of her health goals, Olivia is excited to work alongside her clients to support their journey.

Olivia works alongside Start Here Health offering her Accountability Coaching services and her immense wealth of experience in Professional Executive Coaching.