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How many people do you know who have attempted to lead a healthier lifestyle but just don’t know where to start?

Start Here Health seeks to normalize fitness and remove the barriers that individuals and families face when they attempt to create sustainable living habits and healthy diets.



We will apply the Start Here Health Motto – Connect, Move and Fuel
We make it easy for families to be together. Our programs appeal to families of varying sizes and age groups.


We stress the importance of parents/guardians connecting with children and vice versa.


We stress the importance of moving your body to combat chronic disease.


We stress the importance of fueling your body with proper nutrients so that your body and your children’s bodies are able to sustain the appropriate energy needed.

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Current Programs

NEW! GodFit Fitness Program

GodFit is designed for individuals who desire to connect spirituality while engaging in physical activity.

No longer should someone have to choose between devotions and exercising in the morning. GodFit incorporates exciting, inspirational, motivational, music along with affirmations, scripture and a high quality workout to prepare you mentally and physically so that you are ready to positively impact the day ahead!

Price Per Person/ Per Session


NEW! FitFamily Fitness Program

FitFamily, will lead the way for fun family fitness and nutritious food. Incorporating everyone in a well-structured and stress-free environment.

FitFamily will appeal to families of varying sizes and age groups. Families who desire to engage in physical activity and enjoy fun, quality time together will be excited to do this outside of their home.